Interaction with Mr. Mohit Gupta, Manager- HR, Campus Connect Lead, Reliance Communications

Interviewer: Sir, can you share with us your career journey so far?

Mohit Gupta: I started my career at Shoppers Stop, a retail organization. It gave me a good learning experience. Post that, I worked with Reliance Digital Retail and then moved to a completely new sector, telecommunications for working with Vodafone. Currently, I am associated with Reliance Communications.

In my current role, I take care of Employer Branding and Campus Connect. I also support the Head HR as an Executive Assistant.

Interviewer:You started your career with the retail business and later moved to a purely service based industry. So, how different is the role of an HR professional in these two industries?

Mohit Gupta:  Shoppers Stop is into retail business but they do not produce any apparel. Seventy to eighty per cent of the products are procured from other players and sold off in an organized retail store. So, the margins obtained are very less. So, there is an excellent learning in terms of how do we utilize our employee base in terms of keeping high standards of service levels, given the low margins. Coming to Telecom, it is a business which requires huge amounts of capital. There was a time when we had high returns which are gradually declining due to government regulations and the new competition that is coming in. The margins are decreasing while the sector is operating at a scale. Here, learning comes in terms of managing the scalability, large population and geographies.

Interviewer: As a Campus Connect Lead, do you think there is a marked shift in the working style of the new talent of millennials coming into the industry?

Mohit Gupta: I would say that there is a lot of difference in the working style of the new talent as compared to the older generation. Setting the right expectations is the key focus area at this point of time. From day one of getting into a business school, students set high aspirations of getting a good job in a good managerial position. This is natural as there is tough competition, lot of hard work and a lot of money involved. But, the reality is something different. Once they get into the corporate world, they are treated differently. They are provided understanding and a great deal of learning. They are not treated like managers but, are expected to behave like grown-ups, apply a lot of knowledge, understand the problems, organizational needs, etc. and learn from experiences. This is the kind of shift in behavior which I have observed.

Interviewer: The present perception is that, youngsters want to work with start-ups as there is a lot of opportunity in terms of learning and independence. So, how do you do employer branding at Reliance Communications to attract and retain talent?

Mohit Gupta: I would say that this notion is not entirely true. There is a fair amount of talent who want to work with brands like us and there is another group who want to take up challenges and believe in high-risk, high-gain. So, it totally depends on the individual aspirations of how one wants to grow.

Interviewer: Your advice to budding HR managers?

Mohit Gupta: There is a huge difference between college life and a corporate career. So, students should align themselves to the corporate needs, understand what is actually expected out of their role, try to derive maximum learning from the experiences, live up to the expectations and make a difference.

TogetHR July – August 2014 issue

Greetings from Team usHR!

 TogetHR Magazine August 2014 issue cover page

We are glad to present to you the July-August 2014 issue of TogetHR!

The academic year must be heating up in campuses around the country with 1st years getting into the thick of things and 2nd years fine tuning their profiles for the fast approaching placement season. And here we are back with yet another collection of insightful articles and other exciting sections!

The Cover Story of the issue ‘Organisational Culture and its Importance’ reiterates the irreplaceable importance of culture in enabling an organisation to succeed and sustain its position in a competitive environment.

The Concoction section brings to you a varied mix of articles covering the latest trends and issues related to industrial relations and other common HRM aspects like performance management and change management. ‘The Challenge of Change’ narrates the ways for a manager to tackle the increasingly challenging issues of the modern business environment. The article ‘Practicalities of the link between Industrial Relations & Performance Management’ stands true to its title and holistically covers the various dimensions of the problem. ‘Holacracy- The Hot Management Trend of 2014’, an article with apt illustrations, breaks down the totally fresh topic of Holocracy, that has taken the world by storm. ‘Social Media-Reshaping Employee Procurement Practices’ talks about the growing practice of social media based recruiting and present the advantages and pitfalls present in the process. Finally, the Article of the Issue, ‘Total Rewards’ talks about the concept of total rewards in substantial detail explaining the what, why and how of it.

In the Conflux section, we have an interaction with Mr. Arup Gupta, Sr. VP HR – Head OE, PMS & Rewards of Reliance Communications. A person with an illustrious career spanning 28+ years, he shares with us his thoughts on the ever-changing field of Human Resources and the new challenges present in the modern era.

In the Corporate Nuggets section, we take a look at the HR policies of Infosys, the Indian software giant, with focus on its well-known training programmes and other aspects like the recognition policies and performance management systems.

The Campus Buzz section brings to you a report on ‘IIM Shillong Adda’, the latest initiative by the HR Club of IIM Shillong aimed at promoting healthy discussions among the students of the institute and aid their overall personal development.

We have a mini-case challenge in the ‘Contest with the Best’ section of this issue! The best response will win a cash prize of Rs.500 and a Certificate of Appreciation.

Send in your articles for the Sept-Oct 2014 to on or before September 20, 2014 and stand a chance to win Rs. 1000 cash prize and a Certificate of Appreciation.

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TogetHR Magazine August 2014 issue